- a model of unique hospitality
- a model for tourism development in the territory.


Its origins
If the term “integrated multi-building accommodation” originated in 1982 in Carnia within a working group whose goal was salvaging homes and suburbs which had been restored after the 70’s earthquake, and using them as tourist resorts, then the “integrated multi-building accommodation” hospitality model was perfected by Giancarlo Dall’Arca, a professor of tourism marketing, and is rooted in Italian hospitality which is both warm and relational. It was formally recognized for the first time in Sardinia, with a specific regulation dating to 1998.

In 2008 the idea behind the integrated multi-building accommodation was awarded a prize in Budapest on occasion of the Convention “Helping new talents to grow” as the best practice for economic growth which should be transmitted to underdeveloped countries.


What it is

In summary, it is a system which was conceived in order to offer guests a life experience in an old city center or old town center, while availing themselves of every hospitality service, that is, reception, assistance, catering, common rooms and facilities for the guests, lodging in homes and rooms which are only 200 meters from the “heart” of the integrated multi-building accommodation: the building where the reception and common areas are located.
But the IMBA (integrated multi-building accommodation) is also a model for territory development with no environmental impact. Nothing must be built in order to start an integrated multi-building accommodation, since you essentially salvage/restore and make known what already exists. Furthermore, an IMBA acts as a “social presence” and livens up old town centers, stimulating initiatives and involving local producers, which are considered one of the system’s key components. In fact, thanks to its authentic proposal, its nearness to the structures of which it is comprised and the presence of a community of residents, the IMBA is able to offer more than a sojourn: it offers a way of life. And it is precisely for this reason that an IMBA cannot arise from an abandoned suburb.
Because providing a lifestyle is often independent of the climate, IMBA is greatly deseasonalized and may generate economic activity and offer a contribution to avoid depopulation in old town centers and suburbs.


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